These are selected unsolicited letters submitted by proud owners of Lab from Poole's Labs.

Dear Ed and Kathy,

We could not be happier with our sweet sweet sweet Bacia! She flew home to Austin like an angel - slept in Mia's arms on both flights. Bacia loves Besos our two year old yellow lab :) You chose the perfect dog for our family. We'll keep you updated.

Many thanks, Gayle, Mia, Besos and Bacia

Hi Ed & Kathy,

Here is one of Maggie and our little boy. Good luck selling those sweet pups! We will keep in touch!

The Blackstens

Hey there...

Just wanted to let you know how Neela is doing since we got her home. She's absolutely a doll. She weighs in at 24lbs at 13 weeks; she¿s sleeping all through the night now. We taught her to sit, shake, and speak and does all by command, plus we have her doing sign language... yes we show her a sign and she can perform the command. I included some pictures for you, thought you might enjoy them. I think it's funny that everyone says what a cute little head she has, and also everyone loves the little white patches on her feet and her chest.

Hope all is well. Thanks again.

Amy Smith

Dear Ed & Kathy,

I wanted to send you a photo of Callie.  Callie has been a great addition to our family.  She is loving with the kids, and keeps a close eye on the neighborhood.  She has found a perch on the children's fort where she watches out for suspicious activity.  She was originally bought as a hunting dog.  In her first season, we went on a hunt where we had been shut out.  As we prepared to leave 2 Drake Mallards landed in a small creek about 40 yards from where we were loading our gear.  Two others had stayed behind, and two of us walked up and jumped the ducks.  We knocked both of them down.  One landed on the other side of a 4-5 foot deep creek.  I had one of my hunting partners let Callie out of her crate.  I called her to me.  When she got close, I sent her across the creek.  I then gave her hand directions to the downed bird.  She picked it up and began the journey back to me.  She was just a little over a year old and she made her first blind retrieve.  The other dog, a Goldie, and his owner found the other duck before we could get back.  This one retrieve made the entire 5 hour trip worth while.  

Thanks for the great dog.


Kyle Hawley
Amarillo, TX.

Ed & Kathy,

We just wanted to let you know how very very much we love Scout! He could not be a more perfect dog for our family. I can guarantee if we ever get another dog, you will be in charge of raising it until it is about 1.5 years!!!!!!!! He is so obedient, and is the star of his obedience class. Everybody everywhere comments on what a beautiful wonderful dog he is. He hasn’t even thought of chewing anything up that isn’t his; however, he has gone through 2 squeaky ducks we’ve gotten him J I just can’t tell you how thankful I am that we called you that day! I’ve met about 3 people who have purchased dogs from you and gotten to see their dogs. One of the dogs was 9 years old. Everyone has such nice things to say about you both. I had just been meaning to jot you a note to let you know how perfect Scout is. We love him so much, and we are trying not to spoil him too much!! We will be forever grateful for all you’ve done for our family!! You picked the perfect dog for us!!

Thanks again for everything!!
Stephanie Betts

Subject: Duke

Ed and Kathy,

We just wanted to send you a couple pictures of "Duke" and tell you how happy we are with him. He was born in March from Porky and Addy and is now 7 months old and weighs about 75 pounds with no sign of slowing down!(the pictures are from last month and the month before so he is much bigger now!). He is a beautiful animal and we cannot tell you how many compliments we have received about him. He has the usual puppy behaviors, of course, but he is wonderful around the neighborhood children and is an incredibly quick learner. His hunting instincts are becoming quite evident as well. He enjoys watching all of the birds fly over and also keeps a keen eye on the F-16's flying over as well! He will go on his first "real" hunt a little later this month so we are excited for that.

I am not in the 524th Fighter Squadron (I am in the 522), but I see their yellow "Hound" Jaber all of the time! She lives in the Squadron during the day and must get more attention than any dog I have ever seen! What a wonderful mascot you have donated. Once again, we just wanted to thank you for such a great addition to the family and a new hunting partner. Your reputation out here at Cannon AFB is top notch and we would reccommend anyone who is looking for a world class labrador to look you guys up.

Thanks again!

Capt. Mark and Julie Donohue

Clovis, NM

This weekend we went out to Dickens to do some hog and quail hunting. Though there was no on pressure for him other than have a good time, he impressed me so much. He is not gun-shy at all and was walking on my heels or ranging between my girlfriend and I. I shoot a quail and he helped me find it in the CRP. Once he had that smell and that taste he continued to bring back the bird if it was in his line of sight. He started using his nose a little, but I am sure that will come with time.

At home, he is a sweetheart and minus some few accidents he has learned to go (TEE-TEE) outside. He constanly stays under or at my feet and loves to retrieve his dummy. He knows "Come" and "Sit" real well and we are trying to learn "Stay", but we are a little slower to pick that one up. (Suggestions)

Enclosed are some pictures from to other day, I still plan on leaving him with ya'll this summer while I am at my intern-ship (6wks). Please let me know what I need to to do. Thank you both again for helping me find such a great little dog.

Chad Bull

P.S. HIs AKC registered Name: POOLE'S PORKY'S ROSCOE

Hi Ed and Kathy,

Kara and I are currently in Las Vegas at Nellis Air Force Base finishing up my Weapons School training. I have been here since July and will be finishing in mid December. We are heading back to Germany to be with Owen and Wrigley again. I wanted to send you this picture of Owen from last year's Christmas Tree cutting in Germany. Owen helped us find the perfect tree for our home. You guys have been so good to us over the years and we wanted to wish you both the very best over the Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving! Both Owen (Porky/Ruby) and Wrigley (Pearl/Buddy) are doing well. Jaber (Porky/Bean) is the highlight of the "Hounds of Heaven" and I receive reports on her often. When we arrived in Germany we found out that two other families have dogs from Poole's Lab Kennel. We currently have 4 dogs, all at the same Air Base in Germany, from Ed and Kathy Poole. Who would have thought? Just a testament to the awesome puppies you provide.

Happy Holidays,
Dave and Kara Lyons

Ed & Kathy,

I just wanted to give you an update on Katy and let you know how happy we are with her. Mike’s been working with her on obedience training and is really pleased with her response so far. She’s a really curious dog, not afraid of anything and loves water. I’m sending a photo @ nearly 6 months.

We’ll be interested in getting another black female in the next 12 months or so. Do you have any plans to breed Porky/Bean or Porky/Ruby in the next year or so? If yes, we’d be interested in another pup. Please let us know.

Hope all is well with you.

Lynne Farlow

Hi Kathy and Ed.

Just wanted to thank you again for discounting the price of the black lab female out of Porky for the auction to raise money for the Midland Children's Rehab Center. I thought you might like to know that she was the hit of the party, and raised $4500 for the center. Kevin and I were sad to see her go, but excited that she raised so much money. The couple that bought her gave her to their friends who live in Midland. Therefore, the Somers Family (Jeff, Sharla and two kids) will be contacting you soon for her registration papers. I'm pretty sure that Jeff is a hunter and I know that the kids have already fallen in love with the puppy.

Thanks again,
Christine Foreman

Ed and Kathy,

It has been awhile- 5 years I believe. I am at work so I don't have a picture. We got our sweet black male lab from you during spring break 5 years ago. He has become such a part of our lives after 5 years. He loves to get on my son's trampoline and play King of the Yard. His favorite game is of course is fetch. People always ask how we trained him so well and I won't dare take the credit- he is sooooo intelligent. He graduated at the top of his obedience class as you might expect.Except for the gash in his tongue from his four stitches two years ago he has been virtually worry free. He is the best dog I have ever had. He even tolerates my one year old miniature schnauzer who is a holy terror. Thank you for introducing me to one of my best friends- Blue.

Sheari Ford

PS Sinced we got Blue two of our friends have purchased labs from you also because of Blue. (Blue is still the best of the three I have to say!!!)

Ed and Kathy,

We are the proud owners of a beautiful 12 week old male chocolate puppy
that we bought at the Duck's Unlimited Banquet Sat. night. This is a
lovable pup and our first chocolate. The family (parents and sisters)has
two black and two yellow adult labs.

My wife and I have tentatively named this little guy "Jake".

 We are delighted you are a supporter of Ducks Unlimited. We also know of
 several other dogs from your kennel that came from the banquet in years
 past and all the owners have said great things. We look forward to many
 wonderful days ahead with "Jake".

 Mike and Margarita Boule
 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Hi Mr and Mrs. Poole,
This is Matt Hubner. I bought Indiana from you last summer (2002). And
I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great, and we are having a
great time together. He still has a wild streak, but he's very fun to be
with and loves to travel (he's been almost over the entire state). I've
included some pictures (unfortunately I can't find any of my outdoor
ones). Almost every day someone compliments on how handsome he is. 
Well, I just wanted to say thank you. 
Matt Hubner

Hello Pooles,

I bought a yellow lab from ya'll last Christmas, and he has been a joy to have around. He is very polite, listens to commands, and has developed into quite a little hunter. I say little, but he is going to be big. His dad is Vigo. Last week while hunting in a CRP field, he did something unusual, he went on point!!! I thought he was just foolin', till I went to him and there was a pheasant roost! I am excited about him doing that. Yesterday evening, we were chasing after some ringnecks, and he went on point again! He was VERY rigid, and this time there was a bird there! It was an owl, but nevertheless still a live bird! I don't know if you have ever had any of your dogs do this, which is why I am relaying the information to you. I think I am going to trap some pigeons, and place them in a field to work him around, to try to polish his pointing. Do you think this is a good way to train? Anyhow, thanks for the great dog!

Kurt Haberthur